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We are pleased to offer our clients the RICS Condition Report service.  For a no obligation consultation, please do kindly contact us for more information. You can also find out more about the Different Types of RICS Home Surveys we provide by following the link within.

Condition Reports are the most basic form of home survey report, but are more in-depth than the visual surface inspection undertaken in a standard valuation. They are typically the cheapest of the Home Surveys, and are aimed at conventional properties and newer homes.

The services include: 1) an inspection, and 2) a report.  No valuation is included, but it is possible to arrange a valuation as an additional service, or indeed upgrade to the Homebuyer Report which includes a valuation (see HomeBuyer Report).

The condition report details the general condition of the property, and offers guidance to your legal adviser and yourself regarding any urgent defects discovered, and how those urgent defects may affect the property value.

The condition of the property is recorded by the surveyor on a report which uses a colour coded traffic light system i.e. Condition Ratings 1, 2 and 3 coloured Green, Amber, and Red respectively, depending on the condition state of the element being surveyed.

The condition report will tell you about:

  • the construction / condition of the property and date of inspection
  • any defects which require urgent attention, or are considered serious
  • things which require further investigation as to prevent serious damage to the fabric of the building; and
  • defects or issues that may be hazardous to safety

Please see the link to the description of the RICS Condition Report service, which will open up a pdf document in another tab / window in your browser.

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